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Resource-oriented bodywork that gently supports body, mind and spirit in finding a sustainable balance & wellbeing


How does Craniosacral therapy work?

It is based in the craniosacral system, which comprises the skull, spinal cord, the meninges, spinal cord membranes and the Cerebro-Spinal Fluid. This fluid, bathing the brain and spinal cord, moves, protects and provides our nervous system with nourishment. 

The Craniosacral system moves like a tidal wave in rhythms, which can be perceived everywhere in the body. The craniosacral rhythm, one of these rhythms, expresses itself everywhere in the body through specific movements of the bones, organs, membranes and tissues and can be felt by trained hands. These vital rhythmic impulses affect all body cells and the metabolism of our organism. It has a direct influence on our well-being, health and energy levels.

Are these rhythms hindered in their free expression (for example as a result of stress, trauma, or injuries etc.) illness and issues can occur. By gently coming into contact with the craniosacral rhythm, disturbances and blockages can be recognised and the system can be brought back into better balance. Thus the inherent health, is supported in its self-regulation so that positive changes can take place.

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is, in Switzerland, classified as a KomplementärTherapie (OdA KT). It focuses on activating and supporting self regulation, self perception and the body's inherent self healing ability. This is done through a highly individual, wholistich and resource-oriented therapeutic process.

Fundamental to this method is the distinct way in which I as a therapist come into contact with my client's system (mind, body and spirit) each session - it can best be described as a very finely tuned listening. I listen with my hands, energetic field and an open heart. This gentle way of making contact acknowledges what wants to come forward in my client and creates a connection with the body’s inherent self-healing ability - and inner self regulation can begin to unfold.

When can Craniosacral Therapy be useful?

This gentle therapy form can be used for a wide range of complaints/symptomatics. It can be used in all age groups regardless of the current state of health. Possible areas of application:


• Difficulty concentrating & learning difficulties

• Sinusitis and Tinnitus

• Headaches und Migraines

• Sciatica and pelvic misalignment

• Psychosomatic complaints

• Chronic conditions

• Digestive problems & Reflux

• Personal development


• Strengthening the immune system

• Vertigo

• TMJ 

• Exhaustion or Burnout syndrome

• Support in stressful/difficult life situations

• Issues with the musculoskeletal system

• Tension, back pain, neck problems

• Emotional stress & 'blue periods'

• Stress related issues including (but not limited to): restlessness, insomnia

• Supporting rehabilitation after an illness, accident or operation

• Symptoms and pain without pathological findings/medical diagnosis

• Menstrual disorders, Fertility, desire to have children

• Hyperactivity and learning difficulties

• Inner restlessness, anxiety, nervousness, fears & phobias

• Support in recovery after covid or long term covid related issues

What happens in a cranio session?

Initial sessions are 75 min, following sessions 60 or 90 min.

Sorting & integration in everyday life

We start every session with a chat regarding your current needs and goals. We’ll focus on your current resources and how they can best support you. From this perspective we’ll approach your concerns and desire for change, in order to create a sustainable healing process.  There is a strong focus on resources, because frankly you can't pour from an empty cup!

Your goals, needs & resources

Subsequently we head to the massage table, where you lie in comfortable clothing. We may also work sitting, standing or in motion. I will come into contact with your body using a gentle, often perceived as calming touch. Through this touch we’ll come into contact with the body's different systems and support the body in finding and activating inherent resources.

I’ll ask questions as to what you are experiencing and noticing. There will also be moments of stillness.

Mindful touch & dialogue

Afterwards we'll  reflect briefly on what you have experienced in order to sort any experiences - and to see if any of what you experienced could be supportive to you in your everyday life.

Pricing & coverage

Pricing: 132 CHF/hr
The first session is 75 min. - 165 CHF
Following sessions are 60 oder 90 min. - 132 / 198CHF

If you have a supplementary insurance (Zusatzversicherung), it may cover part of the treatment costs. Please enquire directly with your insurance company to find out. Quote my ZSR number when making your enquiry: P476764, to see if  treatments with me are covered by your provider.
I'm registered with EMR, EKG & Visana.

Initial treatments are paid in cash or with TWINT after the session.


How many sessions will i need?

This is highly individual and depends on what your goals are with the process.

I recommend 4-6 sessions at individually determined intervals to start. Perhaps this is enough for you to sustainably create the change you are looking for, maybe you’d like to keep coming.

In the 5th session we’ll do a status-check and discuss where you are at and how to proceed.

Client Feedback

Die Behandlungen bei Nathalie haben eine tiefe Wirkung. Durch ihre aufgestellte und natürliche Art schafft sie Vertrauen. Ich kann sie sehr empfehlen!

I am very happy with the treatment that I received from Nathalie. Nathalie makes you feel safe in her therapy practice. It was also great to finally find an English-speaking craniosacral therapist. I highly recommend her services!

Eduardo K.

Finola B.

Die 5 Cranio-Theapien bei Nathalie Rickenbacher wirken nachhaltig positiv. Ich erlebte ein Nachlassen von Hüft- und Rückenbeschwerden, tiefe Entspannung, eine verbesserte Körperwahrnehmung.

Ich war bei Nathalie über mehrere Monate hinweg in der Craniosacraltherapie, um diverse Themen anzuschauen. Sie hat mich mit ihrer empathischen und herzlichen Art immer dort abgeholt, wo ich gerade stand. In ihrer Praxis habe ich mich stets sehr wohl und sicher gefühlt. Ich bin so dankbar, durfte ich zu Nathalie in die Therapie gehen! Sehr zu empfehlen.

Roman S.

Olive H.

Väldigt nöjd med behandlingen jag fick av Nathalie.
Proffisionellt bemötande och lugnande behandling. Var min första kraniosakral terapi behandling, kommer mer än gärna tillbaka då den hjälpte.

Top Adresse, Nathalie ist ein herzoffener Mensch mit viel Begabung für ihre Arbeit. Ich habe nachhaltige Verbesserung in meiner Wirbelsäule aber vor allem in meinem feinstofflichen Körper hat sich unglaublich viel negative Energie gelöst. Tausend Dank!

Christoffer S.

Natassja B.