2023 • KomplementärTherapeutin mit Branchenzertifikat OdA KT, Craniosacral Therapist
2018 • Regressional Hypnosis, DK
2012 • BA of Design in Visual Communications, AUS

Nathalie Rickenbacher, 
Craniosacral therapist based in Aarau

I find joy and great purpose in supporting people on their journey to inner strength, wellbeing and happiness.

I grew up outside Stockholm, Sweden, and have always been a curious person and an avid learner with a big smile. In the past twelve years, life has taken me through Sydney and Denmark, before landing in Aarau with my husband.

In my early teens my health went all wonky without any apparent or medical reason. Chronic pain, tinnitus, burn out like symptoms and great exhaustion to mention a few - became normal everyday life for me.

As a young adult, I was living at the very end of my tether - emotionally, mentally as well as physically. At this point I had lost sight of who and why I was. I was riding the struggle bus big time and was physically unwell in a number of ways. I found no help from the medical system and felt like I had tried everything I could myself to get better: Yoga, diets, meditation, juicing, acupuncture, naturopathy, aromatherapy - you name it, I probably gave it a go! My tinnitus in particular had reached an almost unbearable point and I found it impossible to escape the noise inside my head. I was in despair to put it mildly and booked my first craniosacral session.

Craniosacral work offered me a support system that assisted me in coming back to myself and helped me return to a much healthier state. I was met right where I was and gently supported into a more balanced way of being. I learned to work with my body and how to listen to it, even when it is just whispering

I’m excited to be following my lifelong interest in health, complementary medicine and human beings by supporting other humans on their journey toward greater wellbeing.

When I'm not in my practice you can find me working at NathMakesThings, my branding and web design agency, or attending class at my local pilates studio.

Lovely to see you here!